How to put Dungeon Master on your resume or CV

Playing D&D and being a dungeon master can give you a lot of relevant soft skills for your resume or CV, the key is learning how to deliver it in a measured and impactful way.

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Should I include Dungeon Master or D&D on my resume/CV?

The short answer is “yes”, almost all resumes/CVs will include some information about pastimes and hobbies where it is appropriate to talk about D&D. Depending on the job you’re applying for, there may be drastic differences in how you choose to communicate this experience.

It’s important to consider that despite there being an estimated 14 million players globally, the person reading your resume/CV may have never heard of D&D, and have inaccurate or even negative perceptions of what is involved.

Don’t become the D&D resume meme

In 2015, this was posted on the Reddit r/DnD subreddit and became a bit of a meme:

How To Incorporate D&D Into Your Resume:

Met with coworkers for twice-weekly creativity and conflict resolution exercises

Gained necessary experience that promoted character and skill growth

Learned to quickly assess the proper tools to resolve situations

No need to mention that the preferred methods of conflict resolution involve longswords and sneak attacks.

It highlights one of the key mistakes of listing D&D on your resume or CV, which is trying to obscure what it is that you actually do.

There are some hiring managers within the Reddit thread that express their frustrations with resumes/CVs worded in this way, saying:

Unfortunately, these phrases are so vague that they border on the realm of the unprovable. A good resume includes these skills with proof positive”

A great resume/CV needs to provide specific examples that back up claims. This means instead of saying:

Developed leadership skills”

You might say something like:

“Developed leadership skills by coordinating 6 peoples’ contributions to a year-long, dynamic story-based game, including mediating disagreements.”

This is specific enough to plausibly demonstrate improvement in your leadership skill over time. Plus, it makes it easy for the employer to see how the skill is transferrable and it’s a great icebreaker!

How would you describe dungeon master on a resume/CV?

It’s always best to be honest and straightforward when describing your experience and skills on a resume or CV. “Dungeon Master” or “DM” is a specific role that has a unique set of responsibilities, which sometimes includes curating the DnD rules and systems. Because it’s so varied, it’s best to describe it in a way that accurately conveys your experience and skills. Some possible ways to describe “Dungeon Master” on a resume or CV are:

  • “Experienced Dungeon Master with a strong understanding of game mechanics and a proven ability to create engaging storylines and challenges for players”
  • “Skilled at managing complex rule systems, developing engaging narratives, and facilitating collaborative storytelling as a Dungeon Master”
  • “Proven ability to lead and manage a team of players through challenging scenarios as a Dungeon Master, with a focus on creating an immersive and collaborative gaming experience”

Overall, the key is to focus on the specific skills and experience that make you a strong Dungeon Master. Then describe those in a way that is clear and easy to understand for potential employers or recruiters.

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