Least popular DnD 5e classes in 2023

After gathering 2 separate surveys of over 3,000 DnD 5e players, we have compiled the 5 least popular classes, and why people dislike playing them.

dnd 5e monk class


Online retailer Merchoid recently surveyed 1,724 DnD players, revealing their favourite class choices. We took the data of the least popular classes and validated it with over 1,600 members of the Reddit DnD 5e community to find out not only which classes were their least favourite, but why.

#5 most unpopular: Sorcerer

DnD 5e sorcerer class - 5th most unpopularSorcerers: “Like a Wizard, but worse in every way” ~A Redditor

Why are sorcerers unpopular?

While many players defended the sorcerer class, the primary gripe players seemed to have with sorcerers is that they are full casters with a “microscopic” spell list. There are some very specific annoyances around having some irritating ‘gotchas’ such as Distant Spell not working on Counterspell by RAW. Personally, my first ever DnD campaign was a sorcerer, so I have a soft spot for them and it breaks my heart to see them on this list!

#4 most unpopular: Bard

dnd 5e bard class - unpopularA bard: Probably singing about how lonely he is

Why are bards unpopular?

Bards are by nature, charismatic rapscallions. This means if you’ve chosen to play as a bard, you’re like to be dragged into being the “party face”, that is, the one doing all the talking. This isn’t strictly a problem with the class, but it highlights how certain classes can gravitate naturally to roles that players don’t necessarily want to fulfil. As one player also astutely pointed out, bards are great at social encounters but aren’t any such encounters that have real consequences in the published material. Always the helper, rarely the hero.

#3 most unpopular: Druid

druid dnd 5e class - unpopularLuckily, Druids are comfortable in nature. Nobody is inviting them over, apparently.

Why are druids unpopular?

Wildshape. Almost every complaint about druids mentioned Wildshape and the restrictions that generally leave you with very few and very situational options. You’re certainly not wildshaping into anything fun like an Owlbear.

#2 most unpopular: Monk

dnd 5e class monk - unpopularAre you meditating comfortably? I have some bad news.

Why are monks unpopular?

Although they’re second in this list, they come out as the most unpopular class from the original Player’s Handbook by a significant margin. Monks are generally considered the ‘weakest’ class in DnD 5e, with low AC until the late game (when monsters have huge attack bonuses anyway), low damage dice (levels 1-4 being the apex in terms of damage compared to other martial classes) and being far too resource intensive.

#1 most unpopular: Artificer

dnd 5e class artificer - unpopularArtificer: Still working on inventing a good excuse

Why are artificers unpopular?

Part of the unpopularity may be down to the unfamiliarity of the artificer class as it is not in the Player’s Handbook, but in both Ebberon Rising from the Last War and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (Tasha’s has 1 extra subclass but they are otherwise the same). Complexity is another reason, with some players saying artificer infusions can become quite complicated and interestingly, many players felt artificer “didn’t fit” into the setting they wanted to run their fantasy games.

The artificer feels like ‘you like steampunk magic tech, here’s a class for you’ with no real explanation whatsoever
~BusyGM, Redditor

Most unpopular DnD classes by share of vote

Chart of the most unpopular DnD 5e classes by share of vote

What is the most unpopular DnD 5e class?

Artificer is the most unpopular class with players due to its complexity and theming.

What is the most unpopular DnD 5e class from the PHB?

Monk was voted the least popular class with almost twice as many votes as the next class, Druid. Monks were cited as objectively the ‘weakest’ class.

Remember, if it’s fun – go for it!

For those that may be reading this list and considering your first DnD game, remember it’s primarily a roleplaying game and all that matters is that you’re having fun. The current campaign I’m playing in has both a monk and an artificer. They’ve both added a huge amount of flavour since they joined our party when we rescued our artificer from the inside of a gelatinous cube and when the monk punched his way out of a box he was being kidnapped in!

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